What is counselling?

Counselling and psychotherapy offer a confidential supportive environment.

You can explore aspects of your life that may prevent you from living in a more satisfying, fulfilling way. You may have a particular problem or find yourself in a crisis that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope on your own. Maybe you know there are deep seated issues that have held you back for a long time.

Short-term counselling may help with “here and now” problems – work related problems, bereavement, ill-health, relationship problems.

Psychotherapy is similar but is generally seen as a longer commitment.

You can explore a range of long standing difficulties like anxiety, depression, low self esteem.

You may seek help to deal with the effects of events in the past – for instance loss and separations or childhood abuse.

Some people come to therapy because they realise that they seem to make the same mistakes over and over again. Therapy can help you become aware of unhelpful patterns that keep repeating in your life, it can help you explore where they come from and how to make positive changes.